“The client was very happy with the spot and several people have made very positive comments about your voice.  Thanks again!”

Jonah Shinbach. Owner of Earshot Audio Post, LLC

“You are very good at your job.  Thanks for all you do!!!”

Bonnie Howard, Producer for Triton Enterprises

“Melissa is a fantastic character actress. She hits the lines right on every time – and is a delight to work with. We especially liked her work as Zu Rong in the popular Dynasty Warriors 3 (Vin Diesel’s alleged favorite!).”

Sam Peterson, Video Game Producer

“Intelligent, quick, highly responsive and dependable – one touch and go. Those are features of an expensive car really, if you want to get away from the crime scene in style.  Sense of style in voiceover artist is essential, when it comes to the highly complex job of character creating. She’s got all the goods for that. Melissa is a lucky possessor of a beautiful, full bodied voice with subtle huskiness in the lower register, which gives an extra depth to her delivery. Crisp diction, precise timing, flexible, if speed is needed to retch up tempo. And, yes, she’s got a sense of humor too. That is helpful, when directions are given.  She gets them right and it works every time. We are talking natural actress here. When in need of a creative force, a voice that fleshes out character, that delivers message with style and intelligence – Melissa Dodd is the artist to turn to.”

Yevgeni Sheshenin, Animated Film Producer/Director