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I’ve worked in radio, television and web for 15+ years and have had the chance to work with dozens of top-name clients like Macy’s, Sprint PCS, Sam’s Club and HP.   Some of my favorite gigs have been with Lemi Shine and the House of Blues Radio Hour.  I worked as an announcer for San Francisco NPR affiliate KALW 91.7 FM. And, I played Zhu Rong in the video game, Dynasty Warriors.

I also record a lot of IVR and customer service work.  I’m the voice that you hear when you call your favorite company seeking best-in-class customer service.  And it’s my job to annoy you as little as possible.   My IVR clients include Kaiser Permanente, ADT, Dollar Rent-a-Car and Vonage.

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AT&T ­♦ Bryant Heating & Cooling ♦ CostPlus World Market ­♦ Del Taco ­­♦ Hill Physicians Group ­♦ House of Blues Radio Hour ­♦ John Muir Health ­♦ KTSF Television ­♦ Lemi Shine ♦ Macy’s ­♦ Old Navy ­♦ PLG ­♦  Rdio ♦ Renuzit ♦ Sam’s Club ♦ Silicon Valley College ♦ Sprint PCS ♦ Valley Transit Authority ♦ Walmart ♦ Walt Disney ♦ WB Television ♦ ZipRealty

radio broadcasting & imaging

91.7 KALW (NPR) ♦ Access to Information Radio ♦ All American Talk Radio ♦ Beyond Organic ♦ Drew Carey Show ♦ House of Blues Radio Hour ♦ In Touch Radio ♦ on24.com Online Radio

IVR (voicemail systems & customer service)

AAA California Child Support ♦ ADT ♦ ClickMail ♦ Dollar Rent-a-Car ♦ Kaiser Permanente ♦ Los Angeles Daily News ♦ Virgin Mobile ♦ Vonage


Ambien ♦ American Wrestling League ♦ Brightidea ♦ Cisco ♦ Dolby ♦ Flexagon ♦ HP ♦ Hotelicopter ♦ Lathian Systems ♦ Mercedes Benz ♦ NetTaxi ♦ Premiere Retail Networks ♦ Promeo Technologies ♦ Semi, Inc. ♦ Strategic Design Group ♦ Triad Retail Media ♦ Trymedia Systems ♦ WeatherBug

interactive/animation projects

Code Dependent ♦ Dynasty Warriors 3 ♦ Dynasty Warriors 4 ♦ Finny the Fish ♦ Hooper Holmes ♦ Leapfrog Schoolhouse ♦ Route 66

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“Melissa is a fantastic character actress. She hits the lines right on every time – and is a delight to work with. We especially liked her work as Zu Rong in the popular Dynasty Warriors 3 (Vin Diesel’s alleged favorite!).”

Sam Peterson, Video Game Producer

“You are very good at your job.  Thanks for all you do!!!”

Bonnie Howard, Producer for Triton Enterprises